Baseline Research has its own publishing imprint and welcomes submissions.  All topics and subjects will be considered but the particular focus will be:

  • Northern Scotland’s history and culture
  • Resources aimed at young people


The Man Who Went to FarrThe Man Who Went to Farr

Patrick Sellar was acquitted, and no one can argue, that in law, he was cleared of all charges brought against him, but he was never able to escape the continuing clamour and ever present accusations. Today, the debate rumbles on amidst the ongoing indulgence in discussion about the Highland Clearances. The aim of this work is to try and create a bigger picture – a picture that still remains incomplete, but may stimulate others who hold missing links and pieces to engage in the debate.


‘Grannies and Other Folk: folk tales with a Caithness Twist’

Grannies and Other FolkThe stories feature a number of familiar folk tale themes, but are uniquely set in Caithness. Brownies, mermaids, and trows mingle with stories featuring a Caithness granny – Granny Clyne.

The illustrations are the work of the pupils of Canisbay Primary School.



Grannies and Other FolkGrannies and Other Folk


Grannies and Other FolkGrannies and Other Folk


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