Forums are increasingly important vehicles for knowledge gathering. Baseline Research brings experience in hosting, facilitating and collating the outputs from a range of organisational, community and family forums

Baseline Research has experienced facilitators who will organise, co-ordinate, deliver and collate the thinking and the decision-making.

Face to face interviews can surface vital information that is not always forthcoming in a collective forum.  One of the most time consuming tasks is in sourcing the interviewees and interview scheduling.  Baseline Research is equipped to take this task off your hands.  Additionally, Baseline Research has experienced interviewers who can conduct the interviews and collate the results in a concise and structured report.

Effective facilitators:

  • Create a collaborative environment
  • Allow a democratic environment
  • Structure a productive environment
  • Enable a listening environment
  • Respect all perspectives

You do not have to do it all yourself. Let Baseline Research help.

“Bringing individual experience to the building of a collective vision”


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