Based in Caithness, Baseline Research conducts research projects across all geographies and most historical periods.

From organisational histories to family genealogies, Baseline Research offers an annotated timeline approach to capturing the history of an organisation or community or family - telling the story not just from the documentary evidence but also from the perspective of those who have lived along the timeline of history.

Knowledge and an understanding of what HAS happened is the bedrock of learning. Through structured research and measured reflection, we adapt to the present and anticipate the future.



Learning is about thinking, being challenged, participating and sharing ideas...” Roland Deiser

Learning requires:

  • Assembling information
  • Understanding context
  • Reflecting on consequence
  • Relating to ourselves

Baseline Learning Workshops:

  • Are interactive
  • Develop research and thinking skills
  • Use storytelling techniques
  • Explore our heritage and culture
  • Combine storytelling and science
  • Support and encourage learners



Caithness based Baseline Research provide experienced facilitators who will deliver effective discussion and decision-making forums. Baseline Research facilitators ensure that business and organisational meetings are designed and run to achieve successful outcomes.

Baseline Research facilitation works with a group to achieve discussion, debate and consensus.

Baseline facilitators:

  • Create a collaborative environment
  • Allow a democratic environment
  • Structure a productive environment
  • Enable a listening environment
  • Respect all perspectives

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